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Non-recourse pre and post-settlement litigation finance options.


Elevant Finance Group LLC is a provider of some of the best alternative funding solutions for plaintiffs in personal injury or mass tort lawsuits involving defective medical devices or pharmaceuticals across the nation. Our litigation finance offerings fund plaintiffs before their cases settle or go to trial. We are committed to helping consumers who have been damaged as a result of another party’s liability by providing advances against future case settlements or judgements that may take months or years. We help plaintiffs make ends meet during this time and are dedicated to providing non-recourse advances against future case results for these victims.


Our team has decades of combined experience in consumer specialty finance and legal support. We understand the myriad of obstacles related to personal injury and mass tort lawsuits. Because we understand the strain this puts on plaintiffs, we work directly with them to find the best, hassle-free financing options for their particular case. Best of all, there is no repayment schedule. Plaintiff clients only repay the money if and after the settlement or verdict award comes through.


For many plaintiffs, legal funding provides breathing room. For some, it is the only way to pay for basic living expenses like rent, food, medical needs and transportation. These litigation funding advances for plaintiffs are non-recourse. That means there is no repayment schedule and no payment at all until and only if a settlement is reached or an award is made by verdict. Our team uses the latest technology to thoroughly evaluate each and every case to maximize possible advances so plaintiffs can move forward with their lives while awaiting case resolution.

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Get Funding From the Elevant Finance Group

The Elevant Finance Group is a limited liability company providing funds for lawyers, plaintiffs and legal service providers in the mass tort and personal injury or medical malpractice fields.


Karen was living in her car when her settlement came through from a transvaginal mesh claim. But her attorney couldn’t find her because her phone was disconnected and she was not responding to emails. Finally, she was found through a relative whose information was in her file and she got her $44,000 check, which put her back on her feet. But litigation finance may have prevented Karen from becoming homeless in the first place while she awaited the resolution of her case.

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